Kursaal building
Wedding drinks
Girls at Essex party


After 7 years of working and building up a local venue for southend and putting in our heart and soul we have been ripped off by Mfa bowl with a long history of doing this.

A firm agreement was made back in July to hand the business over on November 10th 2014 and with solicitors involved all information was passed on as requested. The date to exchange contracts was tactically avoided for months and with only one week remaining till the current owners were due to leave for a new opportunity overseas there was little option but to remove all our equipment and fixtures.

We have worked day and night to move all bookings to a new venue for existing customers which were taken in good will and should have continued by the bogus new owners, the kursaal function suite has not excepted any deposits, balances or a penny during the month of November.

Our staff have all lost there jobs and the emotional strain on everyone at the function suite has been huge. All bookings have now been passed over to the excellent Park View Suite if customers wish to take up this option.


We would like to say thankyou to all our customers, clients and associates over the years and your support has been overwhelming, the people of Southend need to know the truth.